(Un)important Archive

Here's an explanation of how Tito's World got into the ugly state that it is in. Some of the old links might not work any more, because files have been moved around and the addresses in the links haven't been changed. Tough luck.

July 29, 2008: Today I am posting seven new poems. I'm also posting fifteen new T-shirt reviews, the most I've ever done at one time.

I got married this summer and will start a full-time job in a few weeks. Therefore, this website will officially stop updating forever after August 12, 2008, the Sixth (Un)niversary. Any interested visitors may write a farewell speech of any length and send it to me at jacksk4@auburn.edu. These probably will be included in the final post.

August 18, 2007: Here are three new Snippets from my summer. I'll have two T-shirt reviews in the next week.

August 12, 2007: Yep, Fifth (Un)niversary!

April 30, 2007: Two so-so T-shirt discoveries. One extremely short poem. Three pretty good Snippets. There might be another update during May, but otherwise, don't check back until mid-August.

April 8, 2007: Whew, I haven't been on here in ages. As a result, I'm about to drop an update on you for real. I'm talking about some magnet poetry (and a new picture on an old one), some thoughts on waffles and encores, a picture of the real Touchdown Jesus, five totally new T-shirt reviews, and a recap of my spring break in the North! You're welcome!

April 1, 2007: See the first ever Tito's World Downdate!

January 4, 2007: Hey folks! The powers that be have decided to let me access the files on this site in a reasonable amount of time again! You know what that means: more content! Today, I wrote three T-shirt reviews, posted a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, and posted this picture. I also sprinkled some links throughout the Man Himself stories to pictures that correlate to each adventure, if you want to look for those. Lastly, I'm dropping the monthly update schedule. That was a joke. I'll update whenever I feel like it for the rest of this website's run.

December 14, 2006: Due to technical difficulties, Tito's World will return sometime in the middle of January. Check back at the beginning of February, just to be safe. By the way, I think I'm going to drop the monthly update schedule.

December 10, 2006: Tito's World is being very difficult. I am having extreme difficulty accessing the folders to perform the December update. Please bear with me here.

December 4, 2006: You probably guessed by now (I hope) that the December update is going to be (already is) late. I'll start work on it this Friday, when most of my finals will be finished. It will be posted before the 13th.

November 7, 2006: My laptop won't let me download the old (Un)important Archive because of its size. I've started putting old updates in a new file, which you can access by clicking the little "2" next to the (Un)important Archive link to the left.

November 6, 2006: Well, they (the cable company) disconnected the Internet connection at my duplex. Now I have to go to the library to upload everything, where the wireless network is slow as Auburn tailback Tre' Smith. Anyway, I wrote four Snippets this afternoon. I also wrote a T-shirt review and made this picture of the post-game festivities at the 2006 Rose Bowl. Five days late, and not a lick better!

October 31, 2006: No need to be afraid. The November update will not rear its ugly head until sometime at the end of this week (if then).

October 2, 2006: Dear fans: I'm sorry the second monthly update ever was late. I'm sorry (frustrated, actually) that there are too many flavors of toothpaste. I'm not sorry, however, that college football is still in session. I'm also not sorry that I went to North Carolina last weekend or that I have discovered more about Tim and Hal. Lastly, I apologize to anyone who was offended by this T-shirt review.

October 1, 2006: This month's update was late because a) I have a headache, b) none of the material was written before 8 PM tonight, and c) I am lazy. It will probably be up before the end of tomorrow night, which means that you can expect it sometime around the Fifth (Un)niversary.

September 29, 2006: Q: "Which update is going to be uploaded on the night of the 1st rather than at noon on the 1st?" (A: "The one for October.")

September 1, 2006: I'm going to kick off this update with three wonderful Snippets. Then, I'm going to tack on three T-shirt reviews! That's six points! For the month of September, I'm up 6-0 on Joshin' Around State! If only I had a mascot! Then I could type, "Go [plural form of mascot's name here]!" There are a lot of exclamation points in this paragraph! I didn't have (take the) time to write the Man Himself about my summer! Maybe it will come in October!

August 12, 2006: Yep, Fourth (Un)niversary!

August 1, 2006: A bright new age of Tito's World is upon us. Beginning today, new material will only appear on the first of every month. Surprisingly enough, I actually have some new material with which to kick off August. First off, I wrote three new Snippets this summer. I also wrote a poem about Rice-a-Roni. While I was in Vermont, I bought two T-shirts from local thrift stores. You'll have to wait until September's update for the Man Himself story I'm going to write about my time in the Northern Regions.

Oh, and the Summer '06 Disappointment material is now back up on the website. You'll have to look for yourself to see what is new. Hey, just be happy that Tito's World is back in black (and white).

July 31, 2006: So, I just got back from Vermont two nights ago. When I returned I discovered that Tito's World had taken a terrible fall. Everything was "el gone-o". Some people (just Josh, actually) told me that I should start a-fresh. Luckily, I had backed up the entire website on May 27. Unfortunately, this means that the Summer '06 Disappointment as you knew it has basically disappeared off of the site entirely. I am going to reupload everything that it entailed, but I doubt that I will rewrite the update. You will have to search for the new articles yourselves. Hence, it has finally fulfilled its own destiny by becoming a Disappointment for the ages.

There was going to be an update tomorrow, but reuploading the entire website has pushed that plan back a little bit. I might get a few things up by the end of the day tomorrow, but don't count on it.

May 25, 2006: It's official. The Summer '06 Disappointment will arrive at noon on June 1st! So far I have thirteen items finished and six more planned. Seriously, it's going to be awesome(ly terrible)!

May 11, 2006: Hey guys. Just thought I'd let you know not to check this until the beginning of June. That's when I'll post my summer update, after which I probably won't update until mid-August around the Fourth (Un)niversary. Take it easy, folks!

April 28, 2006: Here's a thought: don't do nice things just to get praise! Oh, here's another one: Lil Jon may be the greatest musical artist of our time. On a side note, I'm one test away from being done forever with literature classes. I've come to hate English quite a lot, so much that I agree with this article by my friend named Josh, who has a pretty funny website. The light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching!

April 17, 2006: I think something's wrong with me. Two weeks ago in English class I wrote this poem, and immediately I began thinking about pictures to go along with it. Then I went to the library today and actually worked up these three articles. Maybe, I'll quit being so productive soon.

April 5, 2006: This morning in world lit. class, instead of talking about Sartre's No Exit, I wrote this poem and this confession concerning transubstantiation. Also, here's an interpretation of Nighthawks I made yesterday. I doubt Hopper was thinking this way when he painted the original.

April 1, 2006: Tito's World died.

March 23, 2006: Yes indeed, it's the Pre-Spring Break Special! A T-shirt review, a review of an author, and a thought about the new quarters are all at your viewing...disposal? I'll probably not have anything over the next week.

March 14, 2006: Hey-o! Guess what I've done! I've updated again! Twice in one week! This and this and this and this and this!

March 9, 2006: A lot of this update is just moving stuff from Critical Reviews to Snippets and the Sketchbook. However, I did manage to come out with a new T-shirt review, an Madisonia piece about my first car, a Snippet rant about stairs, and an article about the new university I'd like to start some day.

I'm going on a revisionist rampage, so you might see little changes to articles in the next few weeks. The last sentence assumes that you read these articles in the past, that you re-read articles that you have already seen, even though they aren't funny, and that I will actually follow through with this prediction. I'm going to assume that at least two of those three assumptions are wrong. (That assumption itself may be wrong. This is getting really confusing.)

February 14, 2006: This V-Day (the V is for "Victory"), I'd like to salute all of those who actually have to do something for their significant other by directing them to the hilarious gift suggestion I made a year ago on this date. I will come out with a picture or something later. You know the truth value of that last statement. (Sorry, I just got out of a logic test.)

February 13, 2006: I've written a few new poems in The Poetics Revisited, as well as writing about two new T-shirts in the Critical Reviews. Last, there's a new article in Madisonia.

January 31, 2006: Just when I had begun to concede that Tito's World was dead, I bought three pretty good T-shirts at my hometown thrift store. This was the inspiration I needed to write a new Critical Review, open a new section of undefined potential, and put up a link to a Snippet I wrote a few weeks ago. Less to come in the following days!

December 26, 2005: The Family Christmas Trip of 2005 is now officially over. Over, as in, over the course of the trip I wrote two Snippets. I may or may not perform a complete reorganization of the site in the near future, and I'm leaning on the side of may.

December 21, 2005: So I decided to pump out a Snippet a day instead of one every week. I think this new section may be the thing I needed to get this site running again. As Frank Costanza would say, "I'm rising like the phoenix!" (Happy Festivus on the 23rd, by the way. I'll be out of town.)

December 19, 2005: I came up with a new section called Snippets. Check it out. Please?

December 15, 2005: By the power vested in me, I hereby declare Tito's World, website collection of all of Tito's creative works, on a hiatus of undesignated length. Once the master regains his artistic composure, he shall return to producing pictures, poems, and other fancies to entertain the general public. Until then, amuse yourselves by viewing the archived information to your left.

November 22, 2005: Here's a new picture to go along with the brilliant quatrain known as Love Poem. This may be the last update for a while - I'm seriously running out of material here.

November 7, 2005: When you've got a difficult crime or jigsaw puzzle to solve, who do you call? Lloyd Vetamix, that's who!

November 3, 2005: There are two new wallpapers now up on the site: a medieval tapestry and a collage. Download them if you want to make them your desktop background. Otherwise, don't.

October 27, 2005: Finally, some inspiration. An event from high school has now been memorialized in this mural. Grandiose.

October 21, 2005: A comic and a drawing are all I have to offer as consolation for my three week hiatus from Tito's World. It may not be the update you were hoping for, but you will like it. You will like it.

September 27, 2005: Here's another T-shirt review. I think I'm gonna be working on a new project in the vein of Unspun Fun. I'll "keep you posted." And by "keep you posted," I mean not ever do the project ever.

September 22, 2005: WinSCP finally decided to get its act together and let me upload stuff onto this site. Otherwise, I would have used up this material a few weeks ago. Anyway, here's what I've got:

(When you click on the links, make the new pop-up windows full size to get the full impact of the image...)

During my senior year of high school, I came up with this crazy idea to transform a school bus into a motor home and live in it during college. I still haven't brought this dream to fruition, but it is definitely something I plan on doing before I die. I don't even remember what most of the things in this picture represent. I think it was just the result of too much AP Physics. Lastly, the other day I was listening to some rap and came up with the idea to make this image of a new denomination for the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to produce. Somehow, I doubt any credible institution would accept this as payment.

August 31, 2005: "Cool beans double the real gold!" - Strong Bad, "rock opera"

August 25, 2005: In the First True Update in the Fourth Year of Tito's World, Tito Added a Chalk Drawing of Mona Lisa and an Analyzation of His "Party Like There's No Tomorrow" T-shirt, and No One but Fattell Took Notice. In Other News, Capitalizing All Words but Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Articles Made a Comeback.

August 18, 2005: Finally, my laptop has risen again like the phoenix! All the files were wiped, but I'm back in action! Prepare to be unimpressed once again!

August 12, 2005: Yep, Third (Un)niversary!

August 9, 2005: Searching through my closet, I found two boxes of old stuff. Inside were this self-portrait, a graph of greatness, and a drawing of two fish.

August 7, 2005: Are you jaguar jammin? Emily Dickinson sure wasn't. Also, here's a picture Cameron commissioned me to make.

August 2, 2005: Last night I came up with this poem right before I went to sleep. Stream of pointlessness is getting a lot weirder.

July 19, 2005: One night at work I realized that "I Am Michael Moore" fit on the chorus of "I Love Rock N' Roll." A few days later I recorded this song, which is available in both .mp3 and .wav formats. You can even read the lyrics if you want. The vocals may be a little hard to make out, because my mic only cost me $3.23. Also, I just remembered Windows XP. I strung together some of the default login and logoff sounds in Windows XP to create this short little ditty. Obviously, I can't hold copyright on this. Microsoft, please don't sue me.

July 17, 2005: According to Mr. Fattell, the latest [Very] Critical Review of William Shakespeare was worth 5 Fatoons, some sort of rating. Tomorrow, I shall produce a new song and maybe a new Review or two. I would have been posting shirt reviews lately, but my scanner software has suddenly quit working. I'll get you, Helwett-Packard!

July 9, 2005: On the way home from work tonight (three weeks left at Chick-fil-A), I got a major idea that rocked hard, almost as hard as Dvorak's Slavonic Dances No. 6 to which I'm currently listening. I remembered to write a [Very] Critical Review of Edvard Grieg, mostly about his Piano Concerto. I'm not using AltaVista.com any more for images. Turns out Google.com is better at finding the ones that I need. Also, last night I started work on a song that may or may not end up on this site, if I can figure out some lyrics. The creative juices are starting to flow again, which might mean more updates in the near future. Get pumped!

July 7, 2005: A new Unspun Fun is on here now. It is by far the longest of the bunch, but whether or not it is the best is yet to be determined. Anyway, hope everyone is having a better summer than I am. Wow, that was emo...

June 28, 2005: The Attic is gone, because I decided so around 11:50 AM today.

June 27, 2005: An essay that I wrote for another website, called Valentine's Day Idea, is now posted in the Sketchbook. The summer continues.

June 25, 2005: The Tale of Two Pairs of Updates, by Tito Crack. "It was a stream of pointlessness, it was a point of streamlessness. It was a Strawberry Festival, it was New Zealand."

Later that night: There Versus Here. I don't feel like saving it, so I'm putting it up now.

June 8, 2005: Chem II, The New SAT, A Poem, A Prison, and Three Wishes. With these five articles, Tito's brother's chem II journal ended; also ending is a much welcomed source of update material. Now, Tito will have to start creating new works, which probably means that you can quit checking here for a while.

June 7, 2005: Tito's brother sure had a lousy spring break, but apparently he thinks that the movie Aliens was pretty good.

June 6, 2005: Check out Cool Fool Productions. The format's been edited, and there are a bunch of Bald Man works that were previously unavailable. In Tito's Brother, three new Chemistry II journal entries are up: Alcoholism and the T-Virus, My Favorite Color, and Some Woman. The HTML tag "table" continues to take over the entire website. I'm thinking layout overhaul in the near future.

June 4, 2005: Tonight I got really inspired. First, I downloaded a bunch of pictures for a new Unspun Fun that should be out in a little while. Next, I wrote a new T-shirt review on my Oregon Ducks T-shirt. Third, I added dates to the links in From the Man Himself and wrapped it into table format. If you can't tell, that's pretty much my favorite new HTML tag. I wonder how many people understood the previous two sentences.

June 2, 2005: What if Tito's brother had a million dollars? What if he had his own pet? What dark secret is he ashamed of? Can you figure out this riddle he wrote?

June 1, 2005: Creepy Flyer, Come On, Coming South, End of Earth, Helping Hand, Stick Guy. What do those six phrases have in common? They are all names of flyers I made when I ran for senior secretary of my high school class. Also, I am doing a little remodeling in the Sketchbook. And guess what, I actually started catching up on the summer epic! Tomorrow's goal: new stuff in Cool Fool Productions.

May 30, 2005: Four more Chem II articles: Dr. Demon, Once I Dreamed, Halo 2, and Ten Years from Now. Also, I made a list of things that I should do as far as updating this site. The probability of me getting all [or any] of these things done is awfully close to zero.

May 26, 2005: Three more of the new Tito's brother stash. They are entitled Five Organic Things, My Family, and Bobby Deberry. The first two are very short, which is why I'm posting three today. Think I've started writing anything for the summer epic of Tito yet? Nope!

May 25, 2005: Tito's brother takes his skills from the previous two English classes and applies them to journal entries in his chemistry II class. The first article, Stociometry, is now up. A little shorter than the others, but still high quality. His teacher's comments are bracketed and in bold.

May 19, 2005: An update on what's going on. Summer is starting to shape up, and by shape up I mean I'm finally starting to get some good material for the epic I'm going to write for From the Man Himself about this summer break. Most of it has been boring, but hopefully I can churn out something at least marginally entertaining. I might turn out a few small articles along the way, but don't count on it.

May 16, 2005: Two new poems. I wrote one of them during a test I had to take last Saturday, and the other one just never got typed up from Ms. Tarter's class.

May 6, 2005: I had a lot of time on my hands tonight and re-copied Teen Girl Squad and Tito: Man on a Mission, the two comics I put up almost twenty-four hours ago. They're actually readable now. Twenty-four hours, thirty-nine minutes, to be exact. Also, What Shall We Wear? has been demolished and moved to [Very] Critical Reviews.

May 5, 2005: It's 2:04 AM Central Standard Time on this beautiful Cinco de Mayo, and I've got two treasures for you and your loved ones to behold. One comic is about some kids I knew in high school; the other is some crappy story about me. I drew them both at least two years ago, and they are awful. The pencil is extremely faded too, so it is hard to even make out what they are. I might re-do them in pen, but probably not. Oh yeah, that article I talked about in the last update? The quasi-literary essay? Probably not happening until next week around this time. And probably not even then.

April 26, 2005: I turned in my final English paper this afternoon, so maybe I'll get back to updating this website. I've got two little morsels for you right now. One is a new review of my Sheila Taylor T-shirt, and the other is a review of Grigori Rasputin. I've got an idea for a quasi-literary essay that should show up in the Sketchbook of Tito Crack shortly, should I ever get around to writing it. Notice anything different on the front page?

April 16, 2005: The Updates Archive was renamed (Un)important Archive, and the Attic Archive is now just the Attic. Also, some of the stuff in the Attic got spiffed up. I just felt like doing a little spring cleaning. Additionally (I think that's the first time I've used the word "additionally" on this website), The Internet's Finest is now gone. I realized I don't want other people's links on here. Maybe I'll make an actual creative work in the near future? Unlikely.

April 8, 2005: For the first time ever, I've uploaded two What Shall We Wear? articles in the same day: ERINT: Hit to Kill and McCollum for Mayor of Hoover. Also, a poem I wrote in a moment of the glorious spring break I had (I Can't Hear the Rain).

April 2, 2005: Well, we regained control of the website from that lunatic Tiot. If you for some reason forgot to check Tito's World yesterday, here's what happened. In celebration, I bring you an update. Unspun Fun episode 4: Takin' It to the Street (I skipped 3 simply because I felt like it).

March 31, 2005: Long time no update, huh? If you want to know what I think about Theodore Gericault, this is the place and the time to find out.

March 10, 2005: The second episode of Unspun Fun is out! I made it yesterday, but was too tired to put up the announcement. Also, a new piece of Bachelorist propaganda called Awesome Lost, an obvious play on the Milton title. And a new site logo.

February 28, 2005: Despite the impending doom of two papers due in the middle of this week, I spent a few hours tonight working on a cool update. First of all, I finally got that project rolling. It's called Unspun Fun, it's housed in the Cool Fool Productions section, and the first episode is uploaded. Also, a new What Shall We Wear? about a new quasi-Christian emo band, Sanctuary Park.

February 22, 2005: New poem. New Review. New artwork. New shirt.

February 19, 2005: I decided to bring back Cool Fool Productions section to group together all of the edited images that I've created during the last few years for this website. Eventually, I will probably post the old Bald Man series on here. I included a new picture that has not shown up in any articles to date. That's because I just made it a few hours ago. Anyway, still working on that promised project. By working, I mean going to thrift stores and watching Howard Dean debate Richard Perle on C-SPAN.

February 18, 2005: Today during history class, we were reading The Communist Manifesto. Being recently reminded of an AIM conversation with a certain Mr. Lycans, I decided to modify said manifesto to explain the principles of Hardcore Bachelorism. It's called The Bachelor Avacado, and it is sure to spark revolution among 8.3% of the two people who end up reading it.

Look forward to an idea for a huge new project in the upcoming future. I won't reveal anything at the moment, but let's just say it'll create even more excuses for me to use on why I'm not updating the site.

February 10, 2005: Not much, just a little scan of an old threat that got left on the car of the Br-awfuls a while back. Maybe I'll do some more over the weekend.

February 7, 2005: Wow, this is an awesome day for Tito's World. A new [Very] Critical Review on The French Revolution that is chalk full of pictures and finishes that series. Also, two new What Shall We Wear?'s, first ones in a while. Tim is 50, and Elba and Edna are around 65.

February 5, 2005: Have you ever been deer hunting? Even if you haven't, you need to listen up, because Tito has written down everything you did wrong and how to do it right next time you go. It's the latest [Very] Critical Review.

February 2, 2005: Well, after a few months of not continuing the series, I finally completed the second installment of "A Study of Three Major Revolutions: Why America's Revolution isn't as Good as the Other Two." It's on The Mexican Revolution, which is even better than I thought.

January 29, 2005: After watching the movie, I added my thoughts on Alien3 to the [Very] Critical Review of the Alien series. Also, I added a link in The Internet's Finest to DotCom's groundbreaking article called "Han Solo's Pertinence to Neo-Cubist Transcendentalism."

January 27, 2005: I started watching The O'Reilly Factor two days ago and was so inspired that I brewed up this [Very] Critical Review of Bill O'Reilly.

January 23, 2005: The Triumph of Tito the Tourist is up. It's up. It's up. So get down.

January 22, 2005: OK, I haven't actually finished the story yet, but I am about half-way through and it has a name now. It shall be called "The Triumph of Tito the Tourist" and it will be completed tomorrow sometime. In the meantime, there are two new wallpapers in the Paper for Your Wall section, and I've got a new idea which is sure to revolutionize the update system for the three of you who are still coming.

Here's how it goes. You send/e-mail the e-mail address you want to receive Tito's World updates to worldoftito@hotmail.com and I put you on the mailing list. Then, when I actually do an update, in addition to posting it on here, I'll e-mail it directly to you the giving viewer! That way I don't have to tell you when to check out new stuff! It's incredible! So incredible that Jennie and I got the same idea!

January 21, 2005: I didn't write the story during the bus ride. Tough it out, sissies.

January 20, 2005: Guess what I'm about to say? OK, you can quit troubling your little head. I'm here in D.C. for the last night. Tomorrow morning I go back to College, and on the bus I'll right the incredible story of what I've been doing the last few days instead of updating. Though if I had been home, I still wouldn't have updated. This, however, gives me a better excuse. As if there is such a thing as a good excuse. Death comes to mind as one that would qualify.

January 13, 2005: All right, all right. I've been coasting on the gradiosity of the January 9th update and haven't done any more work on the website since then. So I decided to put up all of my songs for download in the Musical Endeavours section of the website, so that you'll have something better to listen to then that dang Hoobastinks and all the crappy R&B and rap music in the world today. Better yet, go find a copy of Ravel's Bolero and turn it on repeat. That should wash out your brain of the filth.

January 9, 2005: Finally, after a few hard hours of work, I have done it. I have completed the first update of the 2005 calender year. This is quite possibly the largest update of all time.

First we have ten (10), that's right, ten (10) new poems in The Poetics. In fact, to prove it to you, I'll list them off. Antipodes, Blank Verse, A Calculus Problem, Calculus Terms on a Vocabulary Quiz, Dead Batteries, Goodyear, Mike the Dane, Puppies, Squishy Pillows, and The Trix Rabbit.

As if that wasn't good enough, there are also four new links in the Internet's Finest. One, the new version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text game is out for you to play. In addition, The Sketchbook of Cameron, which used to be a LiveJournal, is now a Xanga. Plus, Will's Xanga, Hawkins's Xanga, and Hawkins's Pictures managed to make a first time appearance in the annals of Tito's World.

So, on to the Sketchbook of Tito Crack, where even more mischief is brewing. Black and white and color M*A*S*H drawings. Spanish I sketches of El Monstruo de el Gueto and a weird pig. Some comic from choir tour of two years ago called Emo Takes Over Washington. A rediscovered flyer from "The Campaign to Elect Tito Crack Secretary of the Senior Class of 2004-2005." Oh yeah, and a crazy picture of Bill Paxton.

I've decided to reward you all for a great year of fanship and put up a new song on PureVolume.com as well. It's called "Halo 2," and you can thank the second version of Windows Sound Recorder on my laptop for the song's debut (the first version of WSR started being fussy about "sound devices" near the end of last semester).

But that's not all, folks! We're adding a [Very] Critical Review of the city of New Orleans for no extra cost! That's right, you get all this for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling plus the other $100 you send me in the mail!

After finishing all of that and putting it up, I went to check the mail and I got this letter from President George W. Bush which commends Tito's World on an incredible job thus far. You can read it below. You can tell it is authentic because A) underneath "The White House" it says "Washington"; they're trying to throw you off and make you forget that it is really near Virginia and Maryland, and B) the printed signature of Bush himself at the bottom of the page, which means that he surely typed it himself.

By the time I had finished everything, the clock had spilled at least an hour into January 10th. And then I went to sleep, happy that I had finished the greatest update that this website had ever seen.


December 30, 2004: Hey everybody! I got back two days ago but was too lazy to update before now. First of all, AIM Conversations is back in the navigation bar and I might actually start updating it again. Right now there's one new conversation in there, about The Quest for the Lost Porkins. It's by Zach L., and you should read it, because it's funny.

Also, a new image in the Sketchbook. This one is another piece from the Campaign to Elect Tito Crack Secretary of the Senior Class of 2003-2004. You'll like it. Lastly, some pictures from my The Stranger project in AP English. That's in the Sketchbook, too.

But anyway, I'm going to be gone again until the night of January 4th starting tomorrow (New Year's Eve) around 2. Which means another lack of updates. Which means the two people who are reading this right now will have to wait a little while for more stuff. Have no fear, though - I haven't even put up any of the stuff from the closet raid, so I've got plenty of material if I ever get around to doing it.

Oh yeah, I forgot. For anyone who is interested, Strong Bad E-mail Goodies has been salvaged into the Attic Archive.

December 20, 2004: I'm going to tell it to you straight. I spent all night going through boxes of junk in my closet and found some stuff that is good enough to make it onto this website (not a very high standard, albeit.) However, none of this stuff is getting on here until I get back from Christmas vacations. Said vacations will last from the 22nd to the 28th or so. Hopefully I'll get some good gifts. Adios.

December 19, 2004: The other half of the two Britons, Guy Fawkes, is now posted for your viewing pleasure.

December 18, 2004: Surprise! Quick little update! I remembered about two cool Britons yesterday - Oliver Cromwell and the yet-to-be-reviewed Guy Fawkes. Check out the first article in the duo, which features two awesome new pictures!

December 16, 2004: Guess who's back in town? OK, you can stop trying to figure it out: it's me! I didn't bring back the scanner, so no new What Shall We Wear? articles until after the break (if even then.) But my antics over these few weeks may spawn some From the Man Himself's - plus I'm going to a bowl game in early January, so I'll definitely be writing an article about that. And there may be some other crazy stuff too, but it is early yet to say whether or not it shall be so. Anyway, everybody be safe and don't get too plastered over the holidays.

December 11, 2004 (afternoon): New What Shall We Wear? about Tito's May Day! shirt. Also, new picture on the Leonardo da Vinci Critical Review. 'Tis the season for new, forgotten-about pictures. Oh yeah, and look at the logo at the top of this page. It has been modified to make this page much more welcoming.

December 11, 2004 (early morning): Well, I was watching Jeopardy! the other day, and it turns out I got something completely wrong in one of the Critical Reviews. So I changed the one about Andrew Jackson and added two new pictures: this one and that one.

Oh yeah, and I've got about three full days of nothing to do until my final exams, so I'll probably squander it all playing Halo and not update the site one bit. Just thought I'd let you know ahead of time; that way, if I do choose to update, you'll be delightfully surprised instead of just ho-hum about it.

December 2, 2004: Finally, the update everyone (or no one) has been anticipating! New From the Man Himself The Ten Days and Nights of Thanksgiving, new Sketchbook short story The Pope Versus the Antipope, and new poem Thoughts on Four of the Organs - consider this an early Christmas present to those of you who still go here. And now, time to play Pokemon Red or Halo 2! Decisions, decisions...

November 30, 2004: There's a huge update in the works as we speak, that will include a poem, a short story, and a From the Man Himself. Just wanted to let anyone who still goes here know that the update is coming, although belated (but when has it not been belated?)

November 26, 2004: For the first time in a long time, an update to Stuff No One Reads. It's sort of confusing why I'd update something no one reads, though. Anyway, I pre-emptively answered some questions that no one has been asking me. Awesome!

November 24, 2004: Well, I pumped out an update after all! An update in the form of more stuff for my viewers to enjoy! Paper for Your Wall isn't the most ingenius title ever, but it works.

November 22, 2004: Hey everyone. I'm currently enjoying my Thanksgiving break, so there may not be many updates for the next week. A From the Man Himself might come out of my exploits over this glorious eight-day period, however.

November 16, 2004: Update? I'll say. Yet another picture added onto the Critical Review of da Vinci. Also, a totally new Critical Review on Teddy Roosevelt, whom Tito apparently holds in high regards. It's been an awesome three days of updates, and hopefully I can keep it going.

November 15, 2004: A sudden stroke of genius struck me today in Introduction to Software Engineering; it led to the production of this awesome picture that I added to the poem The Slug is on Fire. And an idea from a few days ago finally came to fruition when I created this other awesome picture to the [Very] Critical Review of Leonardo da Vinci.

November 14, 2004: Another later update. I changed the Chronicle of Guests for the first time since its inception, since I finally got the login to work. Daniel Jones, I actually changed the questions. You'd better be appreciative.

Secondly, I've decided to start a new campaign for site promotion. It's called "Tell Some People About Tito's World." It's simple! You tell people and they come! Then you feel good that you did it! Spread the awesomeness that is Tito's World to everyone you hold dear!

November 14, 2004: This is an update so huge that it pushed all past updates into the Update Archive. First, we've got a new What Shall We Wear? featuring Tito's relatively new Vote or Die T-shirt. Second, we've got a new entry to The Poetics called Ducks, and some of the poems that used to be in there have been taken out because they were awful anyway. Third, a new play is in The Sketchbook of Tito Crack, Gentleman called Life. Fourth, two new websites have been added to The Internet's Finest: ZOMBOCOM! and ghetto-blaster.com. Yeah, for once a real honker of an update.

This update is dedicated to Jennie, who is the first person in a few weeks to sign the Chronicle of Guests and one of the only people to include extensive praise of Tito in her post. Also, she said if I didn't update today, she'd get bored. So I hope this helped drive away the ennui. Look that word up in the dictionary if you don't know it already - it'll really impress your friends if you use it in conversation.

November 11, 2004: Another T-shirt! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in all of their early '90s glory. Check it out if you're cool. Also, a few things got moved around or adjusted to make them look better. Basically, with the school semester coming to a close, I have to worry a lot less about grades and more about actually updating the website, which is good for you the viewer. Right...

November 8, 2004: New T-shirt, like you couldn't have guessed that. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. Oh yeah, and I finally made the Tarter Quotes website - it's called The Tito Institute for Tarter Observation. It's pretty cool.

October 29, 2004: Now that my laptop is back from the shop and isn't flipping out all the time, I'm able to put up this update: a new What Shall We Wear? showcasing my Iuka shirt.

October 20, 2004: Well, I got that history paper turned in. And thus I was able to pump out this new What Shall We Wear? article today. It's about my Field Day T-shirt. You should read it. Read it.

October 18, 2004: Man, I rule. I have to write a history paper by Wednesday at 11 AM Central Standard Time, and I haven't even started yet. Which means that tomorrow night will not be so lenient in the sense of me being able to make an update like this. So listen up, folks. There's a totally new section on this website now. It's called What Shall We Wear? There's already an article in there about my Wossamotta U. T-shirt. Man, I rule.

October 14, 2004: New poem? OK! Does the Length of This Title Exceed the Length of the Poem Itself? You'll have to click on the bluish, underlined words before this sentence to find out!

October 10, 2004: A few things got kicked out of the Sketchbook of Tito Crack today and shipped off to the Attic Archive. Also, a new article for the Sketchbook may be written fairly soon. Keep checking here for new stuff.

October 7, 2004: Who got bored again in American Government class? Yep, you guessed it! Tito! And he's decided to do an overview of why America's revolution stinks compared to the Mexican and French ones. Shouldn't be too hard, especially for a genius. He's entitling this series "A Study of Three Major Revolutions: Why America's Revolution isn't as Good as the Other Two." Sound academic? Because it probably isn't. Check out his progress so far in The American Revolution.

October 3, 2004: Well, two new Critical Reviews: Andrew Jackson and The Price is Right.

October 1, 2004: Here's the deal. I've got three great new [Very] Critical Reviews, but I'm WAY too tired to finish the awesome pictures that I have in mind to go along with them. So I'm postponing the update until (maybe) Sunday, October 3, for a grand supreme update. In other news: Will Tito ever write anything for any section other that Critical Reviews? Only time (or a simple overview of Tito's work ethic) will tell...

September 20, 2004: Today in "Introduction to Software Engineering": Tito gets so bored that he writes a random interlude concerning turkeys! Check it out in [Very] Critical Reviews!

September 17, 2004: Tito goes on a road trip! Check it out at the first Man Himself in a while: Ivan the Not-so Terrible. Also, The Real Tito Crack died, and was absorbed by [Very] Critical Reviews, where it should have been put in the first place. Maybe some more Reviews soon, of the historical type. Thirdly, I cleaned out the (Un)important News and sent the old updates to the Update Archive.

September 9, 2004: Tito gets all mushy-gushy about wildlife in his latest The Real Tito Crack article entitled Snails. Awww. Another Real article to be released tomorrow, hopefully.

August 30, 2004: Alien vs. Aliens: it had to be done.

August 28, 2004: I really must be bored, because it's 1:18 AM CST and I just finished an update. A very new article in The Real Tito Crack describing Tito's thoughts on cardboard boxes - I think the section will have to be renamed, but we'll see.

August 25, 2004: A little addition to From the Man Himself, namely, one poster from The Campaign to Elect Tito Crack Secretary of the Senior Class of 2003-2004. This image is much overdue. If anyone knows how to open .pub files (created with Microsoft Publisher) without the Microsoft Publisher software, I'd be very appreciative if you'd e-mail this information to jesusfreakforlife@hotmail.com. Otherwise, it looks like only Poster 3 of the six campaign posters will be put on the website. There is probably something else gonna happen today, so hold onto your horse(s).

LATER THAT NIGHT: I'm too tired, so maybe I'll do something tomorrow night? Who knows! This keeps the viewers suspended in anticipation (or makes them quit coming altogether)!

A LITTLE LATER...: Well, I did do something to the website, albeit minor. I moved The Chronicle of Guests to the navigation bar. Now it doesn't take up all the space needed to display crucial update notices like this one.

August 23, 2004 (part two): Heck yes! Two new articles! Well, I started a new section tonight: The Real Tito Crack. The first review is of Tito's love of M*A*S*H. Also, yet another [Very] Critical Review, this time in the musical vein ( Modest Mussorgsky).

August 23, 2004 (part one): After much deliberation, I have decided to do a few minor things to the site. First of all, AIM Conversations got sent to the Attic Archive for being such a dump of a section. Second, the navigation panel got switched around a little, and it now includes Tito's Musical Endevours on PureVolume.com. Also, The Internet's Finest got a re-vamping when I realized that some of the sites aren't really Tito's interests any more, and some of them weren't that good to begin with. Since Tito is thinking of writing another Critical Review tonight and possibly starting a (gasp) new section of the website, I'll leave you with this and return later tonight with part two of this update.

August 18, 2004: Here's the deal, folks. I got so bored today after classes were over and I'd watched some of the M*A*S*H DVDs I got that I updated for once. A new [Very] Critical Review on that very unwell-known artist, Lucas Cranach the Elder.

August 13, 2004: Whoops! Yesterday was the second anniversary of Tito's World, and I've been so busy with marching band practices that I didn't even notice. Maybe once school starts and band practice slows down a bit I'll have more time not to update. Anyway, happy second birthday, Tito's World!

July 21, 2004: Well, "The Adventure of the Stupid Kid named Chad" is now completely uploaded, all the way through Chapter 22. (You can check it out at the Tito's Brother section of the website.) There are two more chapters in production that Tito's brother hasn't finished drawing yet. This took quite a while to do, so it's likely I won't be updating for a while.

July 20, 2004: Two updates: a little addition to the Sketchbook of Tito Crack, Gentleman (Get on the Soul Train) and Chapter 7 - Soccer of "The Adventures of the Stupid Kid named Chad." A lot more "Chad" on the way in the near future.

July 18, 2004: Well, my FTP client (LeechFTP) is acting like (and is) a pain in the rear end, so I will probably be finding another one to use very soon. I managed to get three new poems up from the archives of the underneath of Tito's bed. They are Ode to a Grilled Stuft Burrito, Sonnet 42 in G Minor, and Untitled, a love song.

July 16, 2004: "Update! Update! Read all about it at the [Very] Critical Reviews! Tito slams modern 'artist' Mark Rothko right in the face and doesn't even think twice about it!"

July 8, 2004: Hey guys. I got a new laptop in my room, so I figured I should at least mention it. A day less than a month until I go to college. I think I'm going to do a [Very] Critical Review soon. But not too soon. Plus, I cleaned out my room a few weeks ago and found a ton of great writings and comics and stuff. Once I set up the new scanner in here I'll get on it (maybe).

May 25, 2004: It looks like Tito's World will take another hiatus until I get to college (speaking of which, freshman orientation starts tomorrow). It's summer, and all I want to do with my time is relax. So, see you in a few months!s

May 10, 2004: Haven't updated in forever, and I'm still not doing it. One thing to say, though: AP Physics C kicked my butt. See the pictures below for a demonstration of how I felt during the test.

April 28, 2004: Sorry about the delay on the update, but it's a major one! Basically, go read The Return of the Prom King right now and find out what I did all last weekend. Oh yeah, and new poem "A Haiku on Haiku" just came out.

April 21, 2004: Hurrah everybody! All the links are fixed! Also, I bought a microphone for my computer, which promises audio productions for the first time on this website. I've got some other ideas mulling around in my brain too, just waiting to be forgotten before I put them to use. Oh yeah, new From the Man Himself coming up - it's been one year since, but it's time for yet another Spanish Convention/Prom Extravaganza! Starting this Friday and ending somewhere around Sunday morning at 5 AM, hopefully. This could quite possibly top last year's.

April 20, 2004: Last night Ted revealed to me that a lot (OK, most) of the links are wrong now that I moved the stuff around on the 18th. I don't have time to fix that tonight, and probably not tomorrow night either. But, guess what. The Chapman Brothers still believe that Strong Bad E-mail is an optional thing, so so is my website.

April 18, 2004: Well, today I tried in vain to move the return links at the bottom of all content pages onto a new frame which would go under this one. Unfortunately, I did not acheive success. (Below is a picture of what it would have looked like, drawn on the back of a piece of paper I found in a nearby trash can.) I think all the necessary changes from yesterday's work have been made, though. Oh yeah, and if you ever get confused on what the links in GetAround 2.004 mean, there is now GetAround 2.004 Help at the bottom of the list! Tech support at your fingertips!

April 17, 2004: I'm moving a lot of stuff around; basically, this site is getting another switcharoo to make it more organized. All sorts of stuff is changing spots and getting renamed. So watch out! (This means that some links of olde will not work any more. Sorry.)

April 14, 2004: Much needed update. To start off: new [Very] Critical Reviews (Cage, David, and Albee). Next up: Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of "The Adventure of the Stupid Kid Named Chad." Lastly: one new poem, Shot from Infinity, inspired by a physics problem.

April 11, 2004: Hey everybody! We got stinking third at state scholars' bowl, which rocks out SO hard! Tito did awesome and he answered more questions than anyone else on the team, but this was definitely a team effort (everyone's number of answers were pretty evenly distributed). And so, another era of Tito's life comes to an end. Now I just have to figure out something to do on here to take up all that time I'd be spending in scholars' bowl.

April 10, 2004: OK, so I didn't update last night, but get this! Tonight at 8:31 PM, Tito will have completed another year of existance and "turned" Eighteen. Congratulations to Tito for surviving this long. Let's hope there's not a draft for a while.

April 9, 2004: I usually try to avoid personal shoutouts or requests, but today I'd like to ask everyone to pray for the scholars' bowl team as we head to state competition. We're going to need every bit of God's awesome help to make it through this tournament, so please don't forget to do some interceding for us! Thanks! (A little update when I get back tonight.)

April 6, 2004: Today in AP Calculus I finally had some inspiration and managed to pump out two new limmericks for the Writings of Tito section. Their names are "My Missing Hat" and "The Zoo in Room C118", yet another ode to the Tarter. New Adventure of Chad chapters coming up this week, probably. Oh yeah, and I'm starting a new masterpiece of poetry that has been three bucks in the making for quite a few months now (you'll see what I mean when, if ever, this wonder graces the website).

April 5, 2004: Chapter 2 - The Car Crash of "The Adventure of the Stupid Kid Named Chad" - need I say more?

April 1, 2004: Sorry, I forgot to put up an April Fool's site front, but I did start the new section of Tito's Brother! It's called "The Adventure of the Stupid Kid Named Chad," and the Title Page and Chapter 1 - The Bully are out on JPEG!

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (cough - Daniel J.): I could not get access to the old guestbook account, and am therefore unable to alter it. However, it seems unimportant, since no one signs it any more anyway.

March 22, 2004: There is no longer an intro page, because that got annoying.

March 21, 2004: Well, the 100th Strong Bad E-mail finally appeared, so now I can go back to not updating without a reason. Over the weekend, I wrote three new [Very] Critical Reviews: Gershwin, Munch, and Poe. Also, I sent all the recent updates to the Updates Archive, where they will collect dust for years to come. By the way, please post in the Chronicle of Guests above! That's the only way that I know if anyone comes here (maybe I should get a counter?).

March 15, 2004: New link in The Internet's Finest section, THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. No joke, this is the funniest stuff since the Chapmans updated Homestarrunner.com last. Speaking of which, I refuse to update this website again until the 100th Strong Bad E-mail is released. Thanks for understanding.

March 11, 2004: New logo at the top of this page! Thanks to Tarter, Newton, and Leibnitz for the inspiration of the integral.

March 10, 2004: Ha ha! New poems all over the place! Check out the EIGHT new poems avaliable at the Writings of Tito section! These include "Birth by Sundial", "Chivalry", "Chick-fil-A", "Death by Clock", "Death of a Pen", "How Can I Speak of War?", "Hurry Up, Tito!", and "Last Semester"; hope you enjoy! (I also incorporated the English poems list into the big Second Poetry Revolution list, which will soon be reorganized into a table like the journal entry links on Tito's Brother.)

March 8, 2004: So, I uploaded a new picture to the review of Beethoven that everyone will definitely want to see (it took me a total of thirty minutes, probably, to create). Not much else - I figure since the Chapman brothers don't feel an obligation to put out the 100th Strong Bad E-mail on time, then I'm not required to update on a regular basis either. OK, I admit it. The Chapmans are cooler than I am. I've got a new poem, may write some new [Very] Critical Reviews, and might just get around to putting up that new thing by Tito's brother which is yet to be revealed - ah, the suspense!

March 3, 2004: Sorry about the delay, everybody! I was home sick yesterday, but unable to use the computer due to my illness. Thankfully, I took another day off and was able to get some updates accomplished. First up, [Very] Critical Reviews has finally made a showing! We've got Beethoven, da Vinci, and Hemingway in the house! Also, one new poem ("On Poetry") and a bunch of links deleted from The Internet's Finest because I've decided not to support vulgar humor. Plans to show you some new stuff from Tito's brother in the near future!

February 23, 2004: I'm beginning to think that [Very] Critical Reviews will never appear. It will probably be more work than it is worth, since I doubt anyone really cares what I think about Dali, Prokofiev, or Plath. Oh well. Maybe I'll give it a shot anyway. First to be reviewed, if I ever get around to it: my main man, Beethoven.

February 22, 2004: For the first time ever, it is now possible to download The Mexico Story: A Delusional Journal from Tito's World. Found in the From the Man Himself section, this will serve as a suppliment to The Mexico Summary.

February 21, 2004: It's near 1:00 AM right now, and I'm tired. I got five more poems up tonight: three from calculus A ( Integration, Ode to Cal, and Ode to Ms. Tarter), one from AP Physics C (Momentum: An Alliteration), and one from English that had been temporarily lost (Oh No). Also, a new From the Man Himself! It's The Mexico Summary like you've never seen it before! You haven't!

February 18, 2004: A few minor mistakes fixed.

February 17, 2004: New poem: The Death of the Thump. Not much else right now.

February 15, 2004: Errr, I fixed an error or two around the site tonight. Also, this weekend I cleaned out the Mateskobule, so I should have pictures up soon of the monstrous pile of Mountain Dew cans which emerged from the purging. A few new poems on the way, plus maybe some [Very] Critical Reviews (this week sometime). Maybe.

February 12, 2004: Two new (well, old, but finally posted) AIM Conversations today: French vs. Spanish vs. Italian and The Unrealm. Also, I've single-handedly invented a new method of designating new articles - from now on, the word "NEW!" will proceed all newly-posted material. Ingenius, don't you think? Plus, new poems! Check it out at Writings of Tito!

February 5, 2004: So, tonight I pretty much wrapped everything up. Basically, the site is back to the way it used to be, only better looking. Plus, four new poems in the Writings of Tito: "Economics," "Limmerick on a Theme of Swimming," "Millard the Mallard, Chronologically," and "The Slug is on Fire." Up next is putting the Update Archive somewhere (probably in the Attic) and starting work on [Very] Critical Reviews. Tighten your beltstraps, because otherwise...your pants might fall off.

February 4, 2004: Coming to you live after yet another night toiling away to a boring lull at work. I didn't get a chance to announce this last night, so now I will: Tito's Brother is now completely up! Tonight, I managed to finish Random Rubbish (well, I really had most of it done last night, but that's besides the point). So, what next? I'll probably get around to getting Writings of Tito all spiffy - then the task of setting up [Very] Critical Reviews and producing new material for the first time in a long time. Scary.

February 2, 2004: Another late night reorganizing files and changing a TON of links. The Tito's Brother section is almost fully up; I just need to change some of the return links in the Intro to Comp. journal entries. Next stop: finishing Puddn'head Wilson before my test on it in AP English tomorrow morning...

January 31, 2004: Lots of new links added to The Internet's Finest. Work done on Tito's brother section. Some new links on the way. Who knows, maybe this site will be up by its next anniversary!

January 23, 2004: Added descriptions to some of the category pages. Still haven't put links to the material in them, though. ALSO: I got a new muffler on my car today! Now people will only be able to hear the Mateskobule from three blocks down, as opposed to the previously-estimated twelve blocks.

January 21, 2004: Now that the hype over the return of Tito's World has died down, some updates to the site are coming. After about seven months of downtime, Tito has been inspired by both his genius in Ms. Tarter's class and the sudden, unexpected appearance of CameronWeb 3.0 to bring back the website. A lot of stuff on here will probably go into an archive or be deleted entirely, some things will be updated, and some completely new sections will be promised and never created. Anyway, tell all your friends (if you have any) to start checking the site again, if they ever did in the first place. And even if they didn't, too.

January 20, 2004: TITO'S. WORLD. RETURNS.

June 7, 2003: It's June 7, 2003, as you all well know, and I'm taking a few minutes out of my precious time to put up this non-update notice. I'd just like to say peace out to all my fellow Boys Staters that make their way to this wonderful site (yes, this is the right one; yes, it stinks...) But anyhow, I'm leaving for D.C. with choir in a few minutes, so get ready for two huge From the Man Himself(s) when I get back. ĦROCK!

May 26, 2003: Hey everybody! I'm finally back from L.A., and summer is in full-gear! This means more time for promises that will never be fulfilled, so get excited! Up today are one brand-new From the Man Himself ("Layovers and L.A.") about the recent L.A. trip, and also seven new AIM Conversations! I may be able to do some Book Reviews this week before Boys State, but if I don't then the next update will likely be after June 14th, since I will be gone with Boys State and church choir tour nonstop for about two weeks. ĦAdios!

May 22, 2003: It's 4 AM right now, and I just want everyone to know (especially Daniel) that I took the time to post some new AIM Conversations before I left on the Los Angelos computer science trip. Look for another From the Man Himself, maybe some Book Reviews, and definitely more AIM Conversations when I return on the 25th. ĦAdios amigos!

May 17, 2003: OK, I know it's been a long time since the last update, but I've had an awful lot of homework and projects and other school-related nonsense. Anyway, I put up a new From the Man Himself and hopefully I'll have up a bunch of new AIM Conversations tomorrow. But that all depends on how much Zelda: Wind Waker time I get tomorrow...

May 3, 2003: Incredibly enough, I've actually updated the site with the long-promised web-log section! It's located in the Stuff Tito Writes section and it's called "From the Man Himself." So far it only has one entry (The Spanish Convention/Prom Extravaganza in two parts), but hopefully it will become better as Tito goes on more and more trips. Oh yeah, and I'm thinking about taking down the poll and maybe some other sections soon, since they are incredibly stagnant. That's all for tonight!

April 23, 2003: Can you believe it? Two updates in a row! I put in four new SB E-mail Goodies today from the most recent four; keep searching and let me know if you find any new ones (jesusfreakforlife@hotmail.com)! Keep watching for the new web-log (yeah right) and maybe some more Book Reviews...

April 22, 2003: OK, so this isn't much, but I'm just trying to hold over until the summer, when I have more time to promise updates that won't actually happen. Anyway, there's a new Book Review and a Bogan Book Review (both on the same book, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card) for the book I read over the past few days. That, and I put up five completely new AIM Conversations. Next up: a much-needed update to SB E-mail Goodies. Oh yeah, and there's plans to start a web-log on here or maybe a weekly update on the life of Tito. But no promises yet.

April 12, 2003: One new Tito Love Story (The Platypii Story, this one actually starring Tito). There was going to be another one, but the Scholars' Bowl team didn't make at least 3rd place, so Feingold will have to wait for the one about him. Oh well. In other news, Feingold is prophesying that the Mack Attack Crack will return for real on a certain set of twins...STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT

April 10, 2003: (written April 12, 2003) Thursday was Tito's birthday, and he spent most of it acting stupid at school and eating lasagna for dinner. It was a very good birthday on all accounts, and Daniel even claimed that he'd put up a birthday special on his website. Though I seriously doubt he will.

March 29, 2003: Man, it's late. This update, that is. Though it is 12:16 AM in the morning, making this technically March 30th and not the 29th. Well, anyway, I updated the SB E-mail Goodies section (once again thanks to Daniel) with five new goodies in previously non-goody e-mails. Keep searching guys, and cross your fingers for a real update sometime this year.

LATER THAT DAY: Ha ha ha! I actually updated something! One whopping new Book Review (of The Scarlet Letter, no less) and a second semester Report Card! I am incredibly jovial at what little effort I put into the site over spring break. To quote Strong Bad, "You can't say I never did nothing for the peoples." Oh yeah, and I finally put the first semester's Report Card into past tense.

March 15, 2003: First update in a while. We've got three new AIM Conversations and an update to the SB E-mail Goodies section (thanks to Daniel of Daniel's Site)! Continue the search to find more hidden e-mail items! Also, a small change on the Site Picks, and a promise to write more Book Reviews and update the Report Card (finally).

March 5, 2003: The Attractivity Theory is now posted in the Stuff Tito Writes section! Go check it out in all of its quasi-mathematical nerdiness! Plus, one new link in the Site Picks to Chuck's website (a guy from Texas that I know).

March 2, 2003: I updated a bunch of stuff tonight. Two new, fresh, sweet-action Tito Love Stories came out tonight, so be sure to check them out. Also, some new links in the Site Picks, some new quotes in Tito Quotes, and one new Law of Tito. Whew, now if I can just get some book reviews done...also, check out the guestbook! Fattell's sister from Samford likes the site, it turns out, and so do all her college buds.

February 23, 2003: I finally typed up the SB E-mail Goodies section and po [why is this unfinished? beats me...]

December 13, 2002: One new law in the Laws of Tito.

December 11, 2002: Today I added some Scholars' Bowl updates. I also added the AIM Conversations page under Updating stuff.

December 7, 2002: Two new Fortune Cookie fortunes.

December 6, 2002: Today I uploaded some new Cool Fool Production pictures. I also added a new quote that I got during lunch today.

December 5, 2002: I've continued work on the new AIM Conversations section that will be coming up soon. I also added a new quote and three new links.

December 4, 2002: Today I added some links to the poems back to the main Poetry Revolution page and updated the Report Card place. I also took off a part of the Feingold's JSBPS that has been out of date for a while.

December 3, 2002: I started a new Tito Sightings page in the Updated section. Be sure to e-mail me at jesusfreakforlife@hotmail.com if you manage to make any more sightings.

December 2, 2002: Back from the Thanksgiving break we have only two new quotes. Pretty sad, but new stuff should be on the way, such as an AIM conversation section from the summer.

November 26, 2002: Today I put up "Countdown" on the Poetry Revolution page. I also created the new Who is Tito Anyway? section and moved some stuff from In the Know to that page. This should make things a bit more organized. I also took the Band page off because it had almost nothing on it. Maybe some new stuff will come out of the Thanksgiving break (like finishing "Awkward Silence" and putting the movies on the website).

November 25, 2002: Today I added three new quotes, two new poems (including "The Greatest Ninja Ever," the new epic), changed the Poetry Revolution page to a new display format, and fixed some other things around the site. Some of the Activities sections were updated a bit today.

November 22, 2002: One new quote and one new Law (the 8th). A new epic poem called "The Greatest Ninja" is under-development as we speak, and should be out by next Monday.

November 21, 2002: Today I actually added two new writings and a new poem. Two new quotes and one new laws. Crazy go nuts! I also recently got news from my good home-G Nick that it may be possible to put the Flashing Pants movies up on the website for all the fans to watch! Sounded cool to me!

November 18, 2002: Took off the Wisdom of Prince Kofuku because no one is going to go there. There are two new quotes and two new Laws of Tito. Added a Poetry section. Added two new movies to the Flashing Pants section. One is completed but not timed or commented and one ("Awkward Silence") is currently in the production phase.

November 13, 2002: New English Journal Entries in the Tito's Brother section.

November 12, 2002: Today I put up two new Laws of Tito and opened up the Wisdom of Prince Kofuku section. Also, two new quotes. Gosh I'm tired. I hate this.

November 8, 2002: Added "The Laws of Tito" to the new Interactive section and began work on "The Wisdom of Prince Kofuku" section. Kris said that I should add some color to this site but I don't want to. I took off the About the Site page and put it onto In the Know. Also moved Tito's Girlfriend to Interactive.

November 6, 2002: Added Feingold's Jewish Scholars' Bowl Players' Shrine, a new quote, and In the Know. In the Know contains contact information for the site.

November 5, 2002: Added the Tito's Girlfriend section under Special Features. Added "Cinderela, The Tirent" and "Cinderella the Tyrant" (the grammatically-correct edited version) under the new Tito's Brother section.

November 4, 2002: Added the Tito Survey to the top of the home.html file. Be sure to vote! Also, put Love Stories 1-3 and 4-7 together into one file. Added two new quotes and a link to homestarrunner.com on the Site Picks section.

November 1, 2002: Added the Chronicle of Guests to the bottom of the homepage. Props to htmlgear.com. It's neat.

October 31, 2002: Added Cool Fool Productions and Flashing Pants, Inc. to the Activities section. Put URL's under links in the Links section and added Mr. Fattell's Site. Uploaded some new pictures. Added Ninja Physics and Programmers to the Writings section. Made a new Band section and changed Frequently Asked Questions to Tito's Name.

October 30, 2002: Added the Guidians and the Schemers, but forgot to put the right links.

October 29, 2002: Added Tito Love Stories 1-3 and 4-7 to the Writings of Tito section.

October 28, 2002: Added Bogan's Book Reviews.

October 25, 2002: Added some works of Tito ("Switzerland Takes Over," "The Glass Question," and "Fred") and uploaded some pictures. Also changed the navigation bar format. Soon to come: Tito Love Stories for the first time in print!

October 24, 2002: New quotes section.

October 23, 2002: More stuff added. Continuation of old stuff.