Musical Endevours

Here is chronicled all of the musical endevours and attempts by the illustrious Tito Crack, the Mack Attack. Tito uses a variety of instruments, mostly electronic keyboards, in order to make his music, and it is all recorded and mixed using Windows Sound Recorder (which will often be abbreviated as "WSR.")

If you'd like to save these tiny treasures, simply right-click the blue titles of the songs and Save Target As...! If you just want to listen, then left-click.

Two Space Whales Conversing: One day I got bored while recording and started playing the keyboard with my ten (10) toes. Inspired, I pressed that red circle on WSR and out came this smash hit without lyrics. Or rather, the lyrics aren't in English. You'll have to use your imagination for the translation. A sensation.

Eleven O'Clock Jam: The soft beat of the night taps slowly onward.

Daniel Jones: Daniel Jones, the greatest imaginative mastermind of Madisonia, had never been formally recognized by anyone before this song. So I decided to make a short little ditty about his personage, and this is how it went.

Halo 2: The first Halo 2 party of Madison, combined with my newly-bought $8 thrift-store keyboard made this work of art a reality. Special thanks to everyone who has heard it live and liked it.

Elisha and the Bears: One of the craziest stories in the entire Bible, Elisha got heckled by some kids on the way to some place and totally cursed them in the name of the Lord. Bears came out of the woods and destroyed the kids.

I Am Michael Moore: One night at work I realized that "I Am Michael Moore" fit on the chorus of "I Love Rock N' Roll." A few days later I recorded this song, which is available in both .mp3 and .wav formats. You can even read the lyrics if you want. The vocals may be a little hard to make out, because my mic only cost me $3.23.

Windows XP: I strung together some of the default login and logoff sounds in Windows XP to create this short little ditty. Obviously, I can't hold copyright on this. Microsoft, please don't sue me.

And Everybody Said Amen: The title says it all.