Some Snippets, Sonny

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines a snippet as "a bit, scrap, or morsel." The word itself seems like an appropriate descriptor of the short pieces you'll find on this webpage, since they are rather terse. I plan on coming out with one of these every day, but that schedule will probably get tossed for a much looser one, such as me never writing any.

8/18/07: Y2K was an embarrassment.

8/18/07: Death arrangements could be more comprehensible.

8/18/07: Flip phones make me feel less unique.

4/30/07: Childhood comebacks are counterproductive.

4/30/07: Armchair referees are obnoxious.

4/30/07: Shopping carts are faulty.

4/7/07: Encores are pointless.

1/4/07: Waffles are user-friendly.

11/6/06: Scholars are whiney.

11/6/06: Razor commercials are ridiculous.

11/6/06: Cultural vocabulary is fluid.

11/6/06: Cartoon movies are all about animals.

10/2/06: Toothpaste is too varied.

8/28/06: Movie reviews are misrepresentative.

8/24/06: Southern summers are hot and humid.

8/24/06: Smoking is gross.

8/1/06: Fan manufacturers are stupid.

6/23/06: Kid movies are ridiculous.

6/6/06: Nice clothes are overrated.

5/26/06: Contestants are categorical.

5/21/06: Graduation is like a funeral.

5/21/06: Dance recitals are confusing.

4/28/06: Good deeds require good motives.

4/5/06: Pita bread is righteous.

3/23/06: New quarters are better.

3/9/06: Stairs are evil.

1/9/06: My dreams are really weird.

12/25/05: Kids' games are confusing.

12/22/05: "Amnesia" is hard to remember.

12/21/05: BTLC was "so-so".

12/18/05: Christmas carols rock.

9/20/04: Turkeys are ridiculous.

9/9/04: Snails are good pets.

8/24/04: Cardboard is useful.