A few years ago, Cameron and I decided to write a book about our high school years in our hometown. It was destined to be a New York Times best-seller and Oprah Book Club pick, but alas, the project fell to pieces due to our inability to finish anything of this magnitude. We did, however, finalize a list of topics on which to expound that was somehow saved in a folder of my website. We (I) also got down to writing a few of the articles planned.

In my quest to bring Tito's World back from the slow, pitiful death it was experiencing in December 2005, I decided to make our efforts available for your viewing pleasure. Rather than publishing the work (which was titled Madisonia: Pray Our Sins Will Be Forgiven; the name is in homage to Finlandia, the Finnish national epic musical composition) as a whole, I have decide to release it in serial. Don't worry, I won't require you to mail me two (2) those annoying UPC proof-of-purchases from your box of Corn Flakes.

Along the way, I will probably (not) supplement these articles with photographs, illustrations, and videos.

The People We Knew:
The "Who's Gay?" Kid

The School We Attended:
Band: The Electron Game
SGA: The Tree Committee

The Team We Joined:
Scholars' Bowl: The Class

The Cars We Drove:
The Mateskobule

The Clan We Haunted:
Paper Football Tournaments