The Sections

This is sort of the site map for Tito's World. If you want to know which parts of this website to avoid without reading anything in them, you should read the descriptions below.

This Page Loads First: This is the home page! Here's where you can read all the latest excuses on why Tito hasn't written anything new.

Never Asked Questions: A little bit of history on Tito and Tito's World, and contact information for our hate mailers.

The Poetics Revisited: A collection of all of the poems Tito has written and deemed worthy of being shown to the public. Obviously, rather small. Updated semi-often.

Sketchbook of Tito Crack: A collection of Tito's essays, articles, produced websites, and other artistic endevours much like The Poetics. Updated semi-often.

Musical Endevours: Everybody say, "Hey-o!" Tito Crack is straight out of the 'burbs of Hometown, kickin' the ghetto tunes with his $3.23 mic, a simplistic Yamaha keyboard, and a head full of terrible ideas. Updated whenever Tito makes a new song.

Cool Fool Productions: What can we say that would in some way diminish just how great Cool Fool Productions is? A lot of things, in fact. For one, it's the "company" Tito came up with to organize all of his image-editing skills under. I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Shame on me.

From the Man Himself: A journal of sorts from Tito's various adventures around the world. Updated very infrequently. (This section has been found to put some visitors to sleep - proceed with caution.)

Madisonia: Pray Our Sins: An old project, rediscovered and thrown onto the canvas of Tito's World as a stalling technique. Updated for as long as possible, so as to avoid the development of other sections, which takes more time and effort.

[Very] Critical Reviews: The place where Tito comments on the fine arts, not-so fine arts, and non-arts of yesteryear and yesterday. Updated more often than would be expected, but still less likely than would be desired.

Some Snippets, Sonny: Once Tito had absolutely exhausted his enthusiasm for creating works in the forms available in other sections, he resorted to this section, which contained nothing but his unfunny remarks on random topics each week. Updated at extremely random intervals, which are few and far between.

Tito's Brother is Funny: A collection of some English journal entries, stories, a comic about a kid named Chad, and whatever other works Tito's genius oldest younger brother comes up with. Updated very infrequently.

(Un)important Archive: This is where all the old updates from You are Here go to lie down in the grass and enjoy the peaceful sleep of retirement. If you ever wonder how this site got to be in the horrid shape it is, check here. Updated whenever You are Here gets too crowded with old updates; in other words, never.

The Sections Help: If you need help to understand what a help section is for, then you really do need help. Mental help.

The Chronicle of Guests: Eventually, the Chronicle of Guests was taking up too much space at the top of the home page, what with the new logo and really long updates (yeah right) and all. So it got moved to the navigation bar, where it will probably stay forever. Updated almost never.