Cool Fool Productions

Bald Man Series

It all began during the 2001 marching season as "Picture of the Week," a weekly production for only the Schemers to see that made fun of someone, normally a college football coach. "Picture of the Week" soon evolved into Cool Fool Productions, which was concerned mostly with producing the Bald Man series.


Bald Man Strikes a Pose

Bald Man Saves a Hairless Cat

Bald Man Takes a Break

Bald Man Invades an Office

Bald Man Gets a Partner

Bald Man Salutes a Soldier


Bald Man Strikes a Pose

Bald Man Gets a Partner

Bald Man Salutes a Soldier

Mr. Clean Thanks Bald Man

Return of the King

The Tito's World Era

After Tito graduated from high school, the Bald Man series ended; however, Tito took the image-editing skills that he learned during that period and began using them to create pictures for Tito's World. The first was Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, and it was also possibly the best so far. Below are the images that have graced your screens in the articles featured on this website, as well as a few other pieces.

The Stranger Book Cover

The Slug is on Fire

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

Tito Lisa | Mona Tito

The First Ninja Babe

Bob Barker is Zeus

Chopin's Birth Certificate


Quencher of Thirst

Rasputin Wearing Sunglasses

Suddenly, Everybody Fell Dead

The Death of the B.U.S.

Andrew Jackson's Crazy Antics

Iburtide Wins the Iditerod

The Estates General

Santa Anna in Battle

The Declaration of Rights

Laughed Out

Robespierre is Scary

Secret Powers of the Rosetta Stone

True Story of the Teddy Bear

Cromwell and Charles I

Parliamentiary Bootgiving

Fawkes Planting the Bomb

The Superdome Lands

Kill Bill 3

Ox News

The Heinous Thing She Became

A Fafillion Dollar Bill

Bono Kicks Cameron

The Tackle at Asbury Field

The Pencil Sharpener in My Car

Jack London, Oyster Pirate


Square Kitchen Window

The Dance of the Chickens

Rachmaninoff's Huge Hands

Rachmaninoff as Odin

Trophies and Awards

The Internet Award

Arafat Loves Lil Jon

Woman with Crunk Juice

The 2006 Rose Bowl

Todd the Warrior

The Real Touchdown Jesus

Taking what little (to nothing) he knew about image editing from the previous three or so years, Tito got the bright idea to start a webcomic featuring Fox News correspondents. After weeks of indecisiveness, he finally got around to making the first episode of Unspun Fun. Basically, "the fun is unspun when Fox News correspondents get the job done."

The First Episode

The Fair and the Balanced

Takin' It to the Street

A Pundit Parade

The Post-Unspun Fun Era

Featherhead's Adventure: Tito basically abandoned the Unspun Fun era after his computer crashed and he lost all of his archived photos of the faces of Fox News correspondents. Then one day, he was shopping in his local thrift store and found a kids' book. He decided to make a parody of it, of course, using the same pictures but different words. He will probably be sued sometime soon for copyright infringement. Also, it is basically a rip-off of the style.