Tito vs. Tim 2007

Here's the deal. I know a guy named Tim who knows way too much about college football. For example, he could probably tell you the last twelve Heisman (or Outland, or Butkus, or Lombardi...) winners in chronological order. A senior at Penn State, Tim knows the jersey number of every player on the Nittany Lion roster, their weight, and their hometown. If college football was the only category, Tim could stump the Schwann.

Tim and I spent the last two summers together in Vermont and became friends. (If you want proof of our friendship, I traded him an Auburn shirt for a Penn State shirt. That's more significant than becoming blood brothers, I think.) When I told him about the CFP and showed him the Excel file, he suggested that he could out-predict the CFP. And so a competition was born. Each of us will pick every Division I-A game for the first nine weeks of the season. Whoever has the worse record at the end will have to wear a pink T-shirt from their university to a home football game (Tim's will be Purdue, mine will be Tennessee Tech). Photographic proof will be required to satisfy the bet.

Anyway, look for Tim's picks on the right side of the weekly CFP pages. I'll keep his record updated next to mine on the navigation bar.