Never Asked Questions

Why does this website even exist?
Tito's World was created by Tito Crack, the Mack Attack on August 12, 2002, in his advanced C programming class. The point of the site is to document all the weird stuff that happens in Tito's world. It is written in half-third person, half-first.

Why "Tito's World"?
When Tito first created the site on Angelfire one fateful day in computer science class, he wracked his brains for an impressive moniker with which to designate his site and mark it as one set apart from all others. Unfortunately, he failed. The best thing he could come up with was "Tito's World," which is a terribly unoriginal name. He would change the site's name, but alas, that would be too much trouble. Plus, he still can't come up with anything good.

What programs does Tito use to make the stuff on his site?
Tito writes all of the HTML code on this site in Notepad, the standard Windows text editor. He edits his images with Paint.NET. He finds all of the necessary pictures on, besides those he's taken himself. As a main source of information, Tito uses as a reference encyclopedia. This is one reason that much of the information presented on Tito's World might not be reliable. To upload all of this onto the provided webspace, Tito uses a file transfer program called WinSCP.

How can I contact Tito?
On AIM, send a message to titotothelimit. Lastly, you can talk to Tito face to face. Just remember to say you know me through the website first, or I might have to bust out some mighty self-defense. Stalkers beware. I prepared to fight off any creepos.

How did Tito get his name?
Near the beginning of 10th grade, Tito met a very strange kid named Daniel J. He first named Tito "Latoya Jackson", since he is supposedly one of the Jackson 5. Luckily, Tito got upgraded to Tito. First it was Tito Jacks, then Tito Mack during a band trip to Tampa Bay, Florida, when Tito got his mad macking skills on, then it went to Tito Crack, which it is still to this day.

Why doesn't Tito have a blog?
The truth about blogs is that most of them are pretty terrible. A large majority of blogs become places for their owners to post complaints about, type in-depth descriptions of, and write awful poetry about their life. Honestly, the menial affairs of most people's lives are absolutely and unavoidably boring. Tito believes that even he could not escape the ennui that these online diaries create. So he doesn't have one.

Oh yeah? How do you explain From the Man Himself?
Oh, right. That is a boring blog. Congratulations, you got me! Click here to claim your prize!

Can I submit stuff to Tito's World?
Sure, but none of it will end up on the website. The reason is simple: this is Tito's World and thus adding other people's stuff would diminish its Titolity.

But wait, what about the stuff by Tito's brother?
Tito's brother is the one exception to the answer above, because he would never have the initiative to put his stuff online. Tito finds his brother's material of such value to the world that it is vital to post it on his website, even though it is not his own.

Why is almost everything in the default black-and-white color scheme?
Tito believes that a website should be judged by its content, not its display. Plus, Tito is too lazy to do it any other way.

Why doesn't Tito's World have a counter?
To put it simply, we here at Tito's World believe that the measure of a website is not the number of visits that it manages to attract. If Tito's World did have a counter, Tito would probably make the mistake of determining the site's level of success on how many people were visiting per day. Rather, the measure of this website is based solely on the quality of its content. Tito attempts to bring only the highest quality stuff to the website, and he appreciates anyone who visits because of this. Please note the word "attempts" in the preceding sentence.

Does Tito get paid to write this stuff?
Yes, in fact, he does. Tito pays himself an annual salary of $0.42 to write for the website. He offered himself a raise a few months ago but included in the contract was a clause which would have taken a lot of creative control from himself. He signed the contract anyway because he needed the money to fund his Mountain Dew addiction. Now that he's gotten off the wagon (or is it "on the wagon"?), Tito sends his paycheck to Ben Affleck for his breathtaking performance in the science fiction thriller of the same name.

What's with the whole "third-person" thing?
Sometimes I like to talk in first person. But sometimes Tito tells me I should talk in third person. It really depends on how I feel the day that I'm editing. I'd like to point out, either way, that there are only two people who contribute to this website: Tito and me. Anything else is hearsay.